Chapter 1: Do I want to ‘conform’?

First and foremost, we’ve all seen the hipster queens and kings on campus. Decked out in the latest trends, always wearing sunglasses- looking like they tried so hard, without trying at all. You think to yourself- I must become a hipster.

First and foremost- no self-respecting hipster actually calls themselves a ‘hipster’. It’s a term society has coined them as in their eyes. It’s uncool to be a hipster and call yourself one. That’s trying way too hard. You must accept that you will, from this day forward never call yourself a hipster.

Say it with me: I, insert name here, will be silently trying desperately to become a hipster, but I, insert name again for dramatic effect, will never call myself a hipster or agree with others once i’ve reached the status of being called my others hipster.

Why be a hipster you might ask? There a ton of do’s and dont’s just to act like I don’t care. Because, according to¬† , social acceptance increases your chances of fitting in with society and will make you a less aggressive person. Plus, you want to be the cool student- who “doesn’t care that they look cool”.

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